New drinking habits could save you thousands

Finbar O’Mallon
(Australian Associated Press)


Many Australians could save thousands of dollars each year by changing their relationship with alcohol.

Daybreak is a smartphone app helping people who want to reduce their alcohol consumption to connect with like-minded people and health professionals.

It is currently used by 20,000 people.

A study commissioned by the app’s owner, Hello Sunday Morning, found that individuals using it for at least three months saved $7,000 per year by cutting down on alcohol.

Apart from saving money spent on booze, app users also improved their household budgets by almost $4,500 each year in health costs, or other benefits like improved work productivity and fewer sick days.

The study also looked at how participants’ drinking habits changed, with “probably dependent” drinkers halving their weekly consumption of 40.8 standard drinks to 20.1.

Hazardous or harmful drinkers slashed their consumption from 22.9 to 11.9 weekly standard drinks, and people in the Daybreak program cut their drinking from 37.1 to 17.5.

For every dollar the government invested in the support app, it returned nearly $2.50 to the economy.

The study by consultancy group Evaluate, using trial data from the National Drug Research Institute, found the app was saving the economy $32 million as workers took fewer days off

For every participant in the program, the study found the government saved $156.25 in health spending.


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