Go home on time day – Wed 20 Nov 2019

Ever find it tricky getting out of the office on time? Or do you have a hard time leaving your work at the office? If so, you’re not alone.

Based on a national survey, the average worker in Australia loses 6 hours per week to unpaid overtime – or 312 hours per year.

And across Australia, unpaid overtime reduces worker incomes by $100 billion per year. That’s a windfall for employers. But it hurts family budgets, reduces consumer spending, and damages the economy. Worst of all, it makes it even harder to achieve a healthy work/life balance.

About half of Australians with paid holiday leave entitlements, did not take their full holiday last year – and they left, on average, around two weeks of paid holiday “on the table.” That represents the theft of many more billions of dollars worth of time, and further damages Australian families.

Now in its 11th year, Go Home On Time Day is a great way to remind ourselves that life doesn’t need to revolve solely around work. On this day, protect yourself against time theft: go home, exercise, cook a healthy meal, spend time with your family or your friends.

And while you’re at, make sure you book your annual holiday leave: because summer is coming fast!

To highlight the challenges in maintaining good work-life balance, and the economic and social cost of excessive (and often unpaid) overtime, the Centre for Future Work at the Australia Institute is proud to once again hold the annual Go Home On Time Day.

On this day, you can join thousands of other Australians in pledging to leave work on time and to leave your work in the workplace (where it belongs!)

This year, Go Home On Time Day will be Wednesday, 20th November.

Go Home On Time Day offers a light-hearted way to start a conversation about the importance and challenges of achieving a healthy work/life balance.

Mark it in your calendar, sign up for your leave pass on the day and use our overtime calculator to see just how much time your boss is taking from you in unpaid overtime.



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