From the Desk of Jamie (Winter 2017)

It has been a busy few months for the Wealthwise team with many clients making last minute contributions to Superannuation  before the changes to Super  and Pensions came into effect 1 July 2017.

It has also been a strong growth period for the Wealthwise team.

Wealthwise has acquired the businesses and clients of Doug Cross and Rick Palmer.    We would like to welcome these new clients to the Wealthwise family.   Natalie from Doug Cross’s office will be joining the team in West Leederville and Rick, Emelia and Karen will remain at the Wealthwise office in Rockingham.

We invite all our new clients to join us for a Wealthwise Seminar in Mandurah on the evening of Wednesday 30th August 2017 to hear from Kim Hughes a past Australian cricket captain, meet the team and gain some market insights.    Invitations will be sent out shortly.

Wealthwise is also delighted to welcome Dawn Thomas who joined us from her previous  executive role in Bankwest and Stephen Collier who brings a wealth of knowledge and experience having previously worked with  Industry Fund Services  (IFS)  for a number of years.     We are also extremely pleased to have Tamsyn Campbell and Emily Bell come on board.   Tamsyn as our new receptionist and Emily as our newest member of the administration team.

For those of you who follow the markets its been a topsy turvy couple of months with the US presidential policy of unwinding Obama Care hitting a number of brick walls.   Given this repeal was designed to partially fund the new individual and corporate tax cuts, markets have risen and fallen in line with rumours about the possible success or failure of Trump’s policies.

The European Central Bank has also indicated it would wind back the stimulating policy of printing money to buy back treasuries from the general banking sector which added to a negative sentiment for investment markets in general.


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